Summer Series: Being body confident this summer!

Body confidence: something often discussed and debated but hardly realised. Whilst it is often easier to feign during the winter, hidden under chunky sweaters and coats, body confidence usually come to the forefront of our minds (and many lifestyle features appearing in women’s magazines) when summer arrives. Often seen as daunting and unattainable, achieving this type of self-love can be a lot more difficult than ‘experts’ in the field make out…. However, by following a few simple steps, all of us can put ourselves on the right track to capturing a genuine summer glow.

1) Getting the right fit…

Back in 2014, The Daily Mail published a piece on how over half of women in the UK buy clothes in sizes too small for them, seeing this as an incentive to get slim. However, studies found that this method rarely works, often inhibiting body confidence. Personally, I think that getting the right fit is a crucial first step on the path to summer body confidence. Who wants a bright and beautiful vest top, albeit far too tight-fitting, rolling up their stomach every five minutes? Many of us have been there and many of us felt self-conscious… So why go back? For the beginnings of genuine body confidence and comfort, buying items of appropriate sizing is key. Rather than using smaller sizing as an incentive in this sense, why not see a shopping trip once you’ve reached your goal as motivation? This summer, get the fit right.

2) …. whilst getting fit!

We all feel better after a little exercise. Whether it be regular Zumba classes, cycling to work or an evening summer stroll, it’s no surprise that regular exercise does our bodies the world of good, whilst releasing positive endorphins to give us that much-desired summer glow. It’s a common myth that we need to do crazy, exhausting workouts in the weeks leading up to our long-awaited week in the sun, in a bid for the ‘perfect’ holiday body. A more rewarding alternative is to do light exercise, in whatever form that may take, regularly, throughout the year. Even if it’s a few squats everyday during the ad break of your favourite soap, you will see a difference and feel more confident for it. Often, genuine body confidence is all about having something tangible to cling to.


A tan is a sure-fire confidence booster for the summertime!

3) Glow, glow, glow

This may be more of a personal one, but I always feel more confident with a tan. Something about a bit of bronze (whether real or fake) can really bring out that summer glow we all crave. A beautiful British summer thus far has meant that many already look like bronze goddesses before even jetting off from their local airports. Why not embrace this and maintain a natural, healthy glow by moisturising regularly? For the sun-shy or those who simply find it hard to tan, a million versions of bronze in a bottle line the shelves of Boots and Superdrug. From Instant Tan products to lotions that build a natural glow, plenty of options exist to make us glow from the outside in.

4) Smile!

Yes, it may be a cliche, but simply smiling can put anybody on the golden path to body confidence. Feeling conscious? The age-old saying ‘fake it til you make it’ may serve you well. This is perhaps the simplest tip on the list, particularly for those of us that enjoy having fun on holiday (I don’t know anybody that doesn’t, on reflection!). Looking good and feeling good often go hand in hand, so smiling can really be invaluable to a genuine summer glow.

Wherever you’re off to in the world this summer, enjoy, smile and love yourself!


Spending time with friends in the summer sun guarantees a smile and glow of confidence




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